so you bought a camera - john mclenaghans book now on amazon
John's Photography Book Is Now Available On Amazon!
Learn How to Take Great Photographs

Did you just purchase a new camera? Are the photos that you’re taking not measuring up to your investment?  Are all the knobs and numbers leaving you with a thousand questions?  In So, You Bought a Camera—Your Guide to Taking Better Photos! accomplished photographer and valued instructor John McLenaghan tells it like it is!   Helping YOU capture the moments and memories like the pros do.

As a motivated student of photography, and now a mentor to thousands of photographers, John will show you how to...

  • Keep it FUN while learning about photography
  • Utilize all the functions of your camera
  • Expose EVERY photograph with confidence
  • Gain knowledge to avoid wasting time and money
  • Master YOUR genre of photography

Confidently take great photographs every time!  Charge your batteries.  Let’s do this!

Available On Amazon!